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30 Tips to help balance Life, Family, Work, School…

is hard ! I wish I could be a child again, then my parents could take care all  my responsibilities . The Sad news is that my wish will never come through because am an adult! If you are back to school, then you know that the  second week already feels like the world in on your shoulders. For those of us that are pursuing an academic fellowship program, there are no words to describe the work load – but see you at the finish line!
I came up with the following tips that could be helpful for myself and for all my readers . I decided to share it on this post.
30 Tips to help balance Life, Family , Work , School etc
  1. Self Importance
  2. Learn to say NO
  3. Take care of yourself
  4. Stay positive
  5. Create a weekly to do list
  6. Plan and set workable deadline
  7. Be Flexible
  8. Avoid the idea of being perfect (because no one is perfect)
  9. Sleep ( do not burn yourself out)
  10. Eat Right (I know this is difficult)
  11. Exercise as often as possible
  12. Have a hobby outside of your norm
  13. Be proactive
  14. Avoid procrastination
  15. Delegate (do this when necessary, because you cannot do it all by yourself)
  16. Break down large tasks into smaller ones whether at work or school (Outlook calendar is awesome for this part ).
  17. Keep your creativity alive
  18. Always have Joy
  19. Have a trustworthy support system
  20. It is okay to fail ( it is just a reminder to get you to work smarter not too hard)
  21. Laugh Laugh Laugh ( FYI : you automatic avoid unnecessary wrinkle from stress)
  22. Have a reliable mentor
  23. Be open minded
  24. Listen to good music
  25. Dance (just move or learn level up dance steps)
  26. Assess your time often*
  27. Be about your own business and reward yourself when you successfully complete a task.
  28. Focus on your focus !
  29. Pray and praise each day.
  30. Do not forget that you are only Human !
If you can stand in front of the mirror and declare something positive, automatically you create a hopeful  mindset to help you accomplish a lot  each day. Hopefully these tips can help someone.


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Travel, My Story: August Getaway from Minneapolis, MN to Dallas, TX 🛫

Today is August 31 2018 and I cannot believe this month just ended so quick! Is anyone wondering 🤔 like me that 2018 is moving too fast ? Is the world coming to an end so soon ? These are the questions I kept asking myself while I was meditating this morning for yoga💆🏻.Click this Subscribe to My Minnafropolis Youtube channel .
Let circle back to my trip to Dallas, don’t get distracted . This was a spectacular trip and it opened my eyes to new adventures . When I was leaving Minneapolis , I knew I was going to celebrate my birthday and I left with an open mind to experience a new state for my blog. My plans were to drive around, eat good food and do some shopping. A lady got to live her best life out here , when you work too hard !

Travel ✈️

I usually travel with Delta Airline but I could not find an evening flight from MSP to Dallas Forth Worth. My plan was to drive straight to the airport after work on friday evening. Most flights that were available on Delta were mostly early in the morning and the evening flights did not fit my work schedule. Alternatively, I booked a new airline called Spirit which was not a pleasant experience .
Spirit departure experience 
I booked my flight on Spirit.com and in the process I had to pay an additional :
  • Shortcut security for additional $8
  •  Add check in baggage for $ 32 and
  • You have to pay for your seat 💺which ranges from $13 to $20. If you skip paying for your seat💺, then a random seat will be selected when you chek-in. So I opted in because I am out here trying to secure my bags 💰💰💰. When I checked in I got the window section (you see God 🙏is on my side) and  it was easy for me to film.
At this point as a new customer am like WOW! Delta has never done this to me. POSITIVE VIBE !!!! BIRTHDAY MUST BE LIT 🔥🔥🔥! Here I am talking to myself in front of my computer. Finally made it to the check out page and I was able to add a SUV rental car 🚘 for additional $32/day. Excited at this point, grand total approximately cost 💳$360 for everything . Thank you🙏 Jesus, we made it!
Friday 8/17 came,  checked in with no problem . No free food or snack in the flight. You are responsible to pay for your own snack and drink , even water. No problem, POSITIVE VIBE ONLY ! Got to Dallas at 11.59 pm. It was very hot outside around 90 + degree F. Got into a rental bus from the airport to pick up my rented car for an additional 15 minutes drive approximately. 

Car Rental 🚘

The time is 12.16 am at Hertz waiting in line for about 30 minutes . Got to the customer service desk, I told the representative that my email show that I got a reservation with Hertz and I am here for pick up. He is like no, you are with Dollar Rent A Car (DRAC). Got to DRAC representative desk and asked to please add full coverage insurance to my car for safety. Provided my card for their records and walked out alone to go look for my car. Picked up my Car and the key was already in the ignition . Drove to Hilton Dallas Lincoln Center Hotel

Hotel 🏢

Arrived at 1:35 am with the help of my GPS. Checked in and got my room card . This location was breath taking, so beautiful. Parked my car at the parking lot and went to my room. The room was nice and I rushed to clean up. Finally got on my bed at 2.15 am and slept off.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

 My body has gotten use to waking up early for work, I woke up at 5.30 am. Forced myself back to bed and my alarm rang at 6.30 am . Got dressed  and went to get breakfast. I had breakfast at the hotel,  this was not complementary ( that was the only con, everything else were pros). I had 1 day (less than 24/hours)  to get everything done and time was ticking. 

Shopping 🛍


Outside Temperature was 95+ degree F . I did my shopping at Galleria Dallas . It was like walking into a candy land – Macy’s, Gucci, Ann Taylor, Rolex , Louis Vuitton etc. This was one of  my happiest moment while dragging shopping bags to the car. I would go back again! Watch the video  on my youtube channel . 

Food 😋 Drinks 🍽🥂& NightLife


 In the evening I met with my friend at Aso Rock | Restaurant & Lounge she was super late. The wait was worth it at the end . The food was amazing I ate  Jollof rice and it took me back to Lagos. The last time I visited Lagos was 10 years ago, I remember eating this type of Jollof rice that had this distinctive ingredient in it.  It had an authentic taste that would make you crave for more .I do not know if this has ever happened to anyone, sometimes when I eat some food I remember different countries. I had that Aha moment with this food. And then they brought out the Suya , I started praising God  for good food.
Have you ever praised God for good food ? Well I do it when the food is too good! I think at this point I was overfed. Changed to a new dress . Then my friend took me out to a place  in her words “chilling spot” to celebrate the remaining of my birthday . The NightLife in Dallas is quite interesting compared to the Midwest, that is all I got to say !


The NightLife, Outfit by CK.  It was a rainy day!
On my way back Hilton Dallas Lincoln Center Hotel there was traffic, which was interesting to experience at night. 

Coming Back 😫😩 with Spirit Airline🛩 

Woke up at 7 am and drove to target to get a Maybelline Lash Sensational mascara for my lashes. Drank a lot of water because I ate late and my stomach was not feeling good that morning . Got dressed and checked out from the hotel.
Outfit for church by CK


Drove straight to Winners Chapel Dallas church and it was an amazing service. Meet with my friend at the Galleria again to eat and we chatted about life and the future of Minnafropolis Blog . Returned my rented car and finally arrived at the airport on TIME! Now the real drama happened at DFW Airport at 3.30 pm and I was happy to document. Patiently waiting in the line, when Spirit announced “we are sorry, but our system is down and we would have to go through manual check-in “ , am in shock with a boarding pass in my hand. They grouped everyone by states and passengers started missing their flights . People were complaining and this was ALL NEW TO ME ! Dropped off my bag and  manually wrote my luggage tag. MSP Flight was delayed because flight was booked beyond capacity  (flight was meant to leave at 6pm) . Crew members started offering deals to passengers so they could stay for the next flight. Remember POSITIVE VIBE ONLY ! I slept off when I finally got on my seat and again I sat by the window. I woke up when the plane started moving and I lost track of time.
While all of this chaos was happening rather than complaining , I thanked God I was save. I started writing the draft for this post at the airport because I wanted to document everything . Then I realized that cheap ticket resulted to cheap treatment. This is all I have to say for future passengers that plan to book Spirit, you would need to have a lot of tolerance and patience . But as for me,  I would definitely stick to Delta for sure .



Never Travel without an insurance included in your trip. I do it all the time because you never know what would happen! Travel Insurance should be your best friend,  if you love to travel . Also when booking for a rented car do not go through a third party (like Spirit), book your car directly at Hertz or enterprise preferably . If you do not have a choice then book Dollar Rent A Car (DRAC (not a fan to be honest). It would save you time, avoid confusion, and most importantly your BAGs 💰💰💰 will be secured.