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New Age , New Wisdom & New Year

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Four areas to focus on this year:screenshoot

Self Development

  • Build yourself a library
  • Surround yourself with wise people
  • Stay positive and stay calm.

Define Relationship

  • Ask yourself : what kind of man or woman am I looking for ?
  • Be open to date.

Manage our Resources

  • Smart financial moves
  • Manage your assets.
  • Well, you need a savings account.

Reduce Social Media Noise

  • Post pictures that are meaningful
  • Provide positive feedback
  • Quality over Quantity posts
  • Unity!



FulbeKloset Weblaunch

On October 5th 2017,  Fulbekloset website was launched here in Minneapolis. The event took place at the Minnetonka Club House. I was fortunate to get invited for the private viewing of Fulbeklost web launch and it was also the CEO birthday.  The website is very easy to navigate and the pictures are amazing.  The goal is to merge Ankara with western fashion to provide a luxury style. 

AISHA UMAR, Founder and CEO
Fashion Magazine Cover (2)
The Team here in Minneapolis

Our mission is to give our customers the buying power, while creating a unique platform for African luxury items





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Fenty Beauty vs. The World

Fenty Beauty, Match your Skin Tone and The Beauty Inclusion of 40 Shades!

A multicultural approach to beauty line is to provide products that cater to a vast majority of different skin tones. There is no denying that women around the world have been going crazy about Fenty Beauty. It is tough to ignore that other beauty brands are scrambling now. Rihanna is known for her fashion and beauty look with outstanding success in the industry.

Fenty Beauty was created for everyone: for women of all shades , personalities, attitudes, culture, and races. I wanted everyone to feel included , that’s the real reason I made this line.” -Rihanna

I have never heard since I started wearing makeup – from back in the days of Mary Kay till Mac Cosmetics, Cover girl, Iman Cosmetic and now Fenty Beauty –  that in less than a month a beauty line sold out worldwide. When I went to Sephora it was a zoo the first day and I had to come home because the line was ridiculous. 

Riverdale Sephora , Coon Rapids MN. Shelf was empty by the time I left ! Cleared !!!

Pink White Simple Women's Fashion Instagram Post

I received my Trophy Wife Killawatt highlighter and could not stop dancing. I did a swatch on my wrist. Everyone want to be a Trophy wife ! Yasssss!!!!

Some of my Fenty Beauty arrived but my foundation is not available yet. A lot items were sold out!

The most talked about “PRO FILT’R Soft Matte Longwear foundation” is meeting a lot of women expectations. So , I decided to do the work for all MN women, scroll down and watch vloggers from different part of the world “slay” fenty beauty.

It was like watching a beauty-buster movie in different shades. Enjoy!

Shade 420 and 410 with Jackie Aina

“White business get funded based on potentials, but black businesses get funded based on proof!”

Shade 330 with ItsMyRayeRaye 

Shade 450 with Patricia Bright

Shade 450 with Lovette’s House of Style


Shade 130 AND 110 with NikkieTutorials

Shade 380 AND 390 with Latoya Forever

Shade 370 and 410 with Alissa Ashley


Shade 490 with Nikki Perkins


Shade with 390 and 360 NitraaB


The shelves are cleared out!!!!








Imani Water “MN Singer”


Meet talented singer “Imani Waters” at the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities.  Our collaboration was effortless.  Even though there was a mini-disaster in the styling process, she was calm and flexible to all changes that took place that day. It was shocking to learn that she does not use any makeup. Yes, all that skin is natural! She only applied lipstick.

subtle studs11

Right now she is focusing on her music while maintaining a normal life. She wants her music to reach people to make them feel fulfilled.

subtle studs2

Book Imani for events – wedding, birthday party,  or any special occasion . Her voice will give you goose-bumps and you will be entertained.

Click here to watch complete Interview and  listen to her sing “Love on the brain” by Rihanna!

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Meet “Vanessa Ekeke ” Ex-Miss Commonwealth


Fashion Magazine Cover (1)

Miss Nigeria International is a USA based Beauty Pageant that aims to empower young Nigerian women beyond beauty. (2)

Miss Nigeria International is a USA based Beauty Pageant that aims to empower young Nigerian women beyond beauty.

Vanessa is hosting Miss Nigeria International (MNI) 2018 to help women understand the importance of education, making use of their creativity and becoming  solid entrepreneurs.

pink and white triangular color blocks gossip magazine

“I have learned that there are a lot of misconception about women that pursue their dreams to become beauty queens.”

Critics focus on :

  • Body size : The normal expectation of the industry  focuses on a certain body type and height. MNI 2018 is here to encourage ladies to go beyond their beautiful  faces or bodies.  This is why she made it a  priority to have a physical trainer during the week of MNI beauty pageant to help each girl maintain a healthy body size.


  • Beauty Manners :She emphasized  that every woman should behave as a queen in their every day life. Let’s imagine, Queen Elizabeth fighting on the street or we hear her using obscene words in public. I do not think anyone will give her the respect that she deserve worldwide. This is the same way women should behave no matter the circumstances. Try to protect your image in public and control the words that come out of your mouth. Especially in social media , it breaks my heart to see how some ladies portray themselves online. This images are going to be online forever and that can be detrimental to their future. I am not saying I am perfect but I want women to learn from our mistakes and have a better tomorrow.


  • Build a solid future : I’m happy to see the “Melanin popping ” trend  started.  I believe is a great way to accept women especially our Black/African women that are interested in the beauty Industry. A friend once asked me “Is beauty pageant still a thing ? ” and I replied yes ! It will always be a thing. Because as the future unveils it self, we are getting women from all works of life that are investing great resources to improve the beauty pageant lifestyle- for both contestant and winners of any platform.

Citizen Style Magazine Cover (1)

The world is looking for women that are educated and digital savvy because this is the future. Women are not only going to shatter the glass ceilings but take over the world to a greater height! Women are known to be nurturing by nature, so we will nurture the world to a more unified universe. Our Heavenly Father loves family, so lets treats ourselves as one family!

Style By : Minnafropolis

Make Up : Hadassahbeaute_

Photocredit :

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Apply to Miss Nigeria International 2018 if you are interested in becoming a Contestant.


Meet “Sharon Yemi-Awodiran” Hair Entrepreneur


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If you are a woman who struggles with her hair every morning , you will appreciate  Sharon Yemi-Awodiran.  It is time we have a hair entrepreneur in MN that can provide women with quality hair that are affordable for a quick sew in or clip on.

Start Small,  Think Global !



Dominion Hair By SYA prices start from $97 and above. Best part is that there are bundle deals available at  her website. Shipping are both available in US and international.

Hair Types: Brazilian, Peruvian, Malaysia, Remy, Wigs, and, so on.


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Restoring Your Finance

Tips on How to Restore your Financial Health Before the Year End

You can do it just believe in yourself. Show tough love with your money!

1. Plan and set a Budget

2. Write down all your needs including holiday presents and outstanding bills

3. Break down your expense (Important verse Not Important)

4. For people that have jobs,  plan for simple things like preparing launch.

5. For students, do not max your financial aid go get a  Savings Account (remember you will pay some back).

6. For everyone else, we need a Savings Account

I tell people around me, a savings account do not have to be funded with a large cash. You can start small and work yourself up to at least $25.

Let us challenge ourselves to have at least $25 in our account by December 31 2016. Start the New Year 2017 with a positive account.Share tag  #challengeyouraccount!


My Visit to U of M Twin Cities


Last week Saturday, my friend invited me to the Annual Unity Dinner at the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities.It was hosted by the Black Student Union and it was not only Black students in the room.

Although I was a bit late, I had to rush from work down to the University of Minnesota Twin Cities Campus.

Cementing our greatness as Black


VIP Guest

Rhema Dapaah

Dua Saleh

Chanda Smith Baker

Imani Waters

Pete Rhodes

Round table setting with different Individuals

The dinner was a unique occasion that focused on discussing real issues that are ongoing in the world today.

Art is a voice for change!

The four questions asked:

  1. What is Black/African American culture in United States, and to what extend can people have access to that culture?
  1. How do we deal with Black student isolation on campus, and is there a way we can support admissions?

Round table discussion for each question

3. How do we dismantle police brutality and violence against our (Black) community?

4. What can our community (UMN) do to make an impact, and what would you like to see from your peers and administrators?


One way of been great , is surrounding yourself with people that are great.

Some suggestions that were brought up on the topic of police brutality.  First, it was discussed that improving this infrastructure can be done by providing education.  This means informing black individuals on how to guide themselves with optimism and shattering the stereotype in Black culture.

Another good point was removing the pipeline of imprisonment and improving the cultural change in the police system.

Watch full video to see Imani Waters Performance

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