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Join Wardrobe – A Fashion Rental Platform


Wardrobe is a borrowing service that offers you easy and affordable access to luxury and vintage clothing. Fashion Borrowing is arguably the most sustainable way of โ€œshoppingโ€ even more so than buying sustainable clothes.

Check Out Minnafropolis 4 Wardrobe Designer Picks

You can use Wardrobe platform to save money by borrowing luxury fashion available exclusively on Wardrobe, or to earn money lending your own incredible collection, together weโ€™re creating a fashion eco-system thatโ€™s good for you, your wallet, and the planet.

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Fashion borrowers will have access to thousands of garments from some of the most stylish folks across the country, you can try out a new look every day of the week in Wardrobe.

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Photo Credit : Hope James, @minnafropolis

Blog Written : Hope James

Pick Photos : From Wardrobe Website



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