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Ruva Afric Wear Opens A New Lifestyle Store at Mall Of America

I am wearing the Batik Lapel & Pockets Ladies Blazer from the Ruva Afric Wear Collection

While many retailers got impacted by the coronavirus pandemic, Ruva Afric Wear had the opposite experience as they outshine as a black owned business by constantly growing its brand presence online and dominating social media platforms.

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As of June 1, 2021, they opened their first physical location in the North Garden (N138) in Mall of America, in Bloomington Minnesota. Ruva Afric Wear is a lifestyle brand that celebrates the African Culture and Heritage through everyday functional clothing. The brand’s designs are functional and universal, making them appealing to a diverse customer base. The brand is well known for its African-inspired fitness/athleisure collection. 

About The Founder

Born in Zimbabwe, lived in Ghana, and now based in Minneapolis, MN, Sylvester Ndhlovu is an entrepreneur and self-taught fashion designer who established in late 2015.

Iphone Photo : A photo of Sylvester Ndhlovu , Founder and Owner of Ruva Afric Wear

Ruva means Flower in Shona (Zimbabwe) and symbolizes beauty, passion, humility, lasting friendship, compassion, fascination, thankfulness, royalty, and other positive symbolism associated it with Africa.

In an age where most consumers now prefer online shopping, Ruva Afric Wear is changing the game by offering a unique in-store experience. They provide product demos and free dance classes that can’t be easily mimicked online. This unique experience is why customers are drawn to their store and motivated to leave their homes rather shopping on their website.

Here is a slide show of me wearing some of my favorite pieces at Ruva Afric Wear instore at Mall of America

There are 3 Reasons Why You should shop at Ruva Afric Wear Store :

1. Easy To Locate Store in MOA

Store location is very important in every business. Ruva Africa Wear understands this, and they have a perfect location on the first level (ground level) inside the mall. You can easily park, enter through the North Entrance and find your way to N 138.

2. Rich Shopping Experience

The brand is not only passionate about selling its clothes but also care to offer a “delightful customer experience” with their complimentary dance classes. Anyone is welcome to join these evening classes for free. Also, inside the Ruva Afric Wear store, merchandise are displayed in a minimalistic style and it is easy for customers to walk around freely as they shop their favorite items. Customers can listen to good music inside the store, and interact with people around them. The store also introduces special products for people from different walks of life. 

3.Superb Customer Service

Enter the Ruva Afric Wear physical store, you will never find yourself alone , unsupported or clueless in there. Experience excellent customer service and get help from a salesperson to assist you with all your questions. To add icing to the cake, they also listen to their customer needs and suggest what is right for their customer needs. Their job is to provide the right information all the time. They have extensive customer assistance experience and never shy away from answering any questions even the harsh ones hurled at them by angry customers. 

Check out Ruva Afric Wear Store front if you reside in Minnesota or visiting Minnesota.

Also follow them on Instagram @ruvafricwear

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Blog Post by Hope James

This post was paid by Ruva Afric Wear

*** Sponsored clothes included in this campaign

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  • Samuel

    I love their store it is very cool

  • healthier-lifestyle

    I have always loved their brand . It’s cool they now have a store. Definitely checking them out when I visit MN

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