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Starting Summer With Lyra Swim

Swimsuits have changed a lot throughout the years and they continue to adapt to new styles and trends. Just like the rest of our other outfits, swimwear trends come and go. The way women dress when they are heading for a swim has changed a lot over the last few centuries.

As the year 2021 summer begins, you will likely be drawn to your more timeless and lifestyle swimsuits instead of statement styles that might feel outdated or not fashionable.

This year you need to step out in a lifestyle swimsuit called LYRA Swim. This brand was created by Ikram Zein, she is a woman who struggled to find swimwear that suited her lifestyle. As someone who dressed modestly, and also loved the outdoors, swimming and keeping fit, intertwined with a keen eye for fashion, and she looked for swimwear that incorporated all of these things but it was impossible to find in any marketplace. This provided her an opportunity create Lyra Swim for women like her.

Conventional swimwear caters to the single goal of utility, with little concern for aesthetics. LYRA swim is at your service with the full coverage swimwear collection designed with you in mind. Their goal is to combine functionality and style to meet your personal ethics.

Lyra Swimwear offers several modest designs in different colors and patterns that are minimalist, complimentary and stylish. Their swimsuits are recommendable because they come in four versatile pieces. The top is a long sleeve one-piece swimsuit that can be worn alone if desired but is paired with other matching sets (pants), skirt cover-up and turban/undercap for an easy, and modest swim look.

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Written by Hope James, Minnafropolis Founder

Images : Lyra Swim

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