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Unboxing & Review : Üla Workout Essential Set By Minnafropolis

I am thrilled to be working with Üla Movement to review their workout essential set. The brand was created because they believe in the mission of inspiring and empowering, to help and guide women on their journey of becoming a better version of themselves.

Üla reflects strength, uniqueness, creativity and beauty for all women. They encourage women to work on themselves every day and be an inspiration to other women around the world. The goal is to create a habit together!

 Üla Movement  with Minnafropolis
This is me using the Light Band

Here is a full unboxing & review on my Instagram IGTV

Enjoy this home workout gear for women by shopping at . You will also get an exclusive access code to their Masterclass.

Follow Üla Movement on Instagram : @ula_movement



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