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Black Bloggers and Creatives chatted with Michelle Benson via Zoom a week ago about the Black Business list that she put together during this quarantine period. 

Since we started staying home, I have been shopping for different Black-Owned Businesses. At the same time, I created a list documenting these businesses. Well, girl, I have spent a lot of money buying Black…Ha, ha, ha…

-Michelle Benson told me during our zoom conversation 

Check out these Black-Owned Businesses and get to know why  Michelle B. chose them:

Over the last 10 months, I have been trying to more consistently support black-owned businesses. This is my list of curated companies that I have either purchased from, had friends recommend, or stumbled upon while searching for a certain product. By no means is this list exhaustive of all the black-owned businesses out there but a list that I hope to continue to add to as I learn about more black businesses out there. Some of my personal favorites are highlighted below. 

1• Revival Training – Lucy is an amazing personal trainer, will meet you where you are and design a program that will help you exceed your weight loss goals.

 2 Belle Bar Organics – This product works wonders for my newly natural hair! It hydrates, moisturizes, and keeps my curls poppin! This mother and daughter team are my hair goals.

 3• Buttah Skincare – My skin has never glowed so much! I love the way this product makes my face feel and look. It’s light, airy, and affordable.

 4• BodyLove Products – Sabrina’s spirit and loving energy are in every batch of her handcrafted body products. I always feel like I’m getting a hug from her when I use her products. 

5• Ruth Davis Beauty – Do you want your face BEAT to the GODS without looking like you have on caked-on makeup? Ruth Davis is the truth! From high glam to an everyday look, Ruth has you covered. 

6• The Nail Bar MN – Since moving to MN and desperately searching for a black nail tech that was into healthy nail care and professional, I stumbled on The Nail Bar MN and have not looked back. 

7 Glow by Daye – Satin bonnets and hair scarves that are affordable, stylists and durable! I love this product. 

8 Rentid / NW10 Interiors – Looking for affordable, unique, and stylish interior design? Whether you’re a renter or homeowner, Claudia is the right woman to make your space the envy of all your friends.

9 Maryam Muhammad – Maryam has been my stylist for over 15 years! I love her and highly recommend her if you’re looking to have healthy and manageable hair.

10• Rhee360 – Syreeta has harnessed all her great energy and spirit into these candles.

11 AhoufeDua Textiles – Nana has taken her love for her homeland of Ghana and brought back beautiful fabrics that truly represent the Motherland. High quality, affordable, and unique.

12 My Pride Apparel – Stylish and on-trend, I highly recommend this company for your #PopCulture apparel.

13• Allure Cigars – Hand-rolled cigars in signature and unique flavors for the culture!

14 Tale of Two Chefs – Chef Julius is a highly sought out personal chef with affordable prices and serving you the #FoodYouDeserve!

15• Little professor Skye – Anything is possible for our black children and Little professor Skye helps them see their potential and value through story and merchandise.

Let us know what you think of Michelle B. list by leaving a comment below!


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Information provided // Michelle Benson

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