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Black-Owned: Sleep, Lingerie or Lounge Wear | FetishBySalsPeters

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Looking for an everyday Sleep, Lingerie or Lounge wear that makes a chic statement? Look no further than FetishBySalsPeters!

FetishBySalspeter is a Sleep, Lingerie and loungewear company that is dedicated to producing and selling luxurious intimate wear. This is a black-owned brand located in Houston, Texas.  Watch full unboxing video to learn more.

We need to consciously buy black everyday including wearing Black-owned nightwear. FetishBySalspeter got you covered with silk PJs, sexy lingerie and also available in PLUS SIZE. 

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“We are dedicated to making a woman feel like a queen and with our well-cut, tailored fit style wears, we are sure to make the queen in every woman emerge.”  FetishbySalPeters


Prices range from $29 for a lingerie to $49 for a lace gown. Sizes ranges from petite to plus size woman.

What do you think of this brand?

Today’s post is paid by FetishBySalspeter and all items reviewed are sponsored.


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