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Uncategorized debuts “An Innovative Merger of Fashion & Technology” a 3D Runway Show


“Hanifa is limitless, feminine, innovative…It’s a lifestyle…It’s not just about the clothes…It’s about the women wearing the clothes”. hosted a virtual fashion show that presented 3D runway models on Instagram live on Friday evening. If you missed it, here is a video presentation by the founder and creative designer, Anifa Mvuemba, describing her latest collection and her inspiration behind the Pink Label Congo collection.

Even though the world is still trying to get over the pandemic. Mvuemba, a Congolese fashion designer broke the internet with her stunning digital 3D fashion show. Everyone is talking about the luxury brand.  This presentation gave other designers a run for their money- Hanifa shut it down on Instagram live. A Black woman did that!

“Every single color palette we used in this collection has meaning to it.”

The Pink Label Congo Collection was created to raise awareness and to support Congolese families against illegal coltan mining sold in black markets. She explained that the living conditions were coltan are sold, is not safe for these families- extreme poverty, hardship on children and women are exposed to sexual abusers. The entire collection is available for purchase here.

#1 Mái Maxi Dress


#2 Zaire Denim Suit


#3 Orélie Top & Orélie Skirt


#4 Veronique Blouse – white & Mái Mini Skirt


#5 Jolié Maxi Dress


#6 Kinshasa Backless Mini Dress

“As entrepreneurs we all have goal…But what happens when we meet those goals? For me serving is a big part of who I am, and what I want to do…This was the right time to talk about Congo and coltan mining”- Mvuemba. is in partnership with Responsible Sourcing Network to sell the  Pink Label Congo Colette Tees and 20% of the proceeds goes towards supporting Congolese families.  Available for purchase here.  

Every single thing about this brand- the intention, the purpose, the creativity, the fashion– portrays brand leadership especially in this time of Covid-19.


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