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Unboxing COLAB Dry Shampoos with Minnafropolis

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#greathairday I am happy to have received a PR package that include the 6 bottles COLAB Dry Shampoos. COLAB HQ is located in England and they are unlike any other dry shampoos on the market.

COLAB was established in London in 2014, and have sold 10 million cans worldwide and has become something of a global phenomenon- from Japan, Germany, France, South Korea and the COLAB dry shampoo revolution has spread around the globe.

The buzz is all about the award winning formula that leave no chalky dust, no white residue, and no build-up on hair. talking about COLAD Dry Shampoo in the united states. Available in Walmart, target and rite aid.
COLAB Unicorn fragrance is my favorite Dry Shampoo. COLAB Unicorn dry shampoo gives hair an instant fantasy fix with an enchanting and mystical scent of jasmine and vanilla. Make your unicorn dreams come true!

COLAB Products that I received in my PR BOX

Key Facts about #COLABDryShampoo:

  • Invisible on all hair colors – COLAB’s ultra-fine formulation doesn’t build up on the hair, meaning no excess product and no white residue. Brown, blonde, black or rainbow, your color will still shine with COLAB dry shampoo.
  • Loved by all hair types and textures – COLAB like to keep things simple, so they don’t offer different products for different hair types or colors. Every variant can be used on any hair type, color or texture. Just pick your favorite fragrance. COLAB are here for you!
  • Powerful oil absorption – The particles may be small, but they are strong! So strong in fact that our dry shampoo was rated 10/10 for performance in an independent consumer study.
  • Beautiful Fragrances – Inspired by hair perfume trends, COLAB dry shampoo offers a variety of beautiful fine fragrances for you to try. From soft subtle bergamot and delicate rose scents through to bolder fruity and tropical fragrances, COLAB has something for every occasion and mood.
  • Cruelty-free & vegan – COLAB is proud to be totally cruelty-free, against animal testing and vegan-friendly. In recognition of this commitment, and have been awarded accreditation as a @cruelty-free brand’ from PETA.
  • Affordability – COLAB will be available at Target, Walmart and Rite Aid and is competitively priced.

I would recommend you check out the “Best Dry Shampoos” made in UK at


Written by Hope James

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