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Top State to Live in the Northeast

The Northeast region of the United States is arguably one of the most beautiful in the country. With magnificent scenery, rich history, and not to mention the privilege of experiencing all four seasons, living in the Northeast provides a great quality of life that many people are lucky to experience. 

One of the most beautiful states in the Northeast is none other than New York. While Manhattan may be the first place to come to mind when you think of New York, the state is much more than that, especially when you venture outside of the Big Apple. Whether you’re thinking about purchasing your own piece of Buffalo real estate or simply passing through, here are just a few things that make New York one of the top states to live in the Northeast. 

Beautiful Weather

If you’re someone who enjoys experiencing all four seasons, New York may be the state for you! For many New Yorkers, the fall is the best time of year weather-wise. From the colorful autumn leaves to fun seasonal activities like pumpkin picking and hayrides, there is always something fun to do in New York during this time of year. In October, New Yorkers can expect temperatures in the mid-sixties, perfect for curling up under a blanket and sipping a warm drink on a cool autumn day. The summer can also be an enjoyable time in New York, so long as you don’t live in the city- temperatures have been known to skyrocket to the upper-nineties during peak summer months! 

Pizza, Pizza, Pizza! 

Whether or not you fold your pizza in half to eat it, there’s no denying that some of the best slices can be found in New York. New York-style pizza is typically made on a hand-tossed crust, thin enough to be folded in half for easier access. The state of New York is frequently noted as having the best pizza in the country, and people have been known to travel far and wide just to get a taste of an authentic New York slice. 

Incredible Scenery 

There’s a reason why so many Americans travel to New York to get away- the state is full of beautiful scenery and wildlife. The Catskill Mountains, one of the most famous mountain ranges in the whole country, remains one of the biggest tourist draws for the state, and many hikers can be found on the trails on any given day. The Catskills spans for over 100 miles throughout the entire Southeastern portion of the state, presenting prime hiking opportunities for nature enthusiasts. The state animal of New York, the beaver, can also be found throughout the state, along with tons of other incredible wildlife. 

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    This is a lovely post and I love the details you presented about NY!

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    As a New Yorker I am happy that I stumbled upon this post. I shared it with my colleagues.

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