I am experiencing a Career Change

This year started with a lot of good news, traveling and lots of opportunities. I cannot believe that we are only five months away from 2020.

I decided to switch my career this year because I want to do things that are organic to me. I have worked as a banker, manager, corporate administrator and others that I cannot remember.

I am now a full time student at Metro state university pursuing my MBA. In all honesty, it was difficult to adjust to a new school system. Currently, I am a freelancer focused on content creations for video editing, blog writing and photography.

Naturally, I am a creative person and I feel like I should be doing more with my life. Do not get me wrong, it was okay to work for cooperate firms. But right now, I  am experiencing a turning point and it is time for me to focus on things that ” I” want to do.

My advice to you :

  1. You only have one life, so live in your truth.
  2.  Sell yourself
  3. Fall down several times but get up ten times stronger.
  4. Focus on things you can control.
  5. Love yourself  and improve your skills.
  6. Be patient and positive.
  7. Change your environment and walk with people that are for you.
  8. “No” does not kill! Use it as a weapon to encourage yourself.
  9. Start your own business.
  10. Do what you truly LOVE!
  11. Network !
  12. Pray and Praise God (it is not a religious thing but the right thing to do) .

I am happy right now and I know more great news are coming. Remember you only have one life to live. Breath in and Breath out !

Author: minnafropolis

My name is Hope James and I am the owner of Minnafropolis blog. I am a Creative Influencer based in Minneapolis. I am the founder and owner of Black Bloggers & Creatives. Join the tribe by subscribing to this blog site, subscribe to Minnafropolis YouTube channel and follow me on Instagram @minnafropolis.

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