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Hello guys,

I have being gone for a while and I know that ! Setting up a new organization is no joke but am loving the experience. Check out Black MN Bloggers and Creatives. Follow IG page see details below.Thanks for all your support and purchase a copy of the first magazine below. See details below. 

* Get a copy of the magazine : https://blackbloggersandcreatorsmn.bl… 

My contacts 

Instagram : @minnafropolis

 Email : minnafropolis@gmail.com

 Blog : www.minnafropolis.com


On June 15th 2019, Black MN Bloggers & Creatives #BMBBMC launched #1 magazine issue and invited 20 VIP creatives, entrepreneurs & Bloggers. Enjoy behind the scene and continue to support our black community by restoring hope through creativity. 

Your can order your copy here: 

* Printed Version : 



* Ebook Version: https://www.blurb.com/b?ebook=697117

*Visit our website : https://blackbloggersandcreatorsmn.bl…

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