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Final Recap for Black Fashion Week

There is a saying that state everything has a beginning and an end. I have come to the end of covering BFWMN Season 2 Spring 19.

Here are the final highlights from Fashion Bazaar, 40lux & Fashionable, and Black Man Magic. 

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Fashion Bazaar

Clothes are from Buffalo exchange- New & recycled fashion


Monae Bird

Denzel Bailey

William Grier

4O LUX & Fashionable

Stylist : William Grier

Clothes are from Robert Graham 

Black Man Magic


Gilded Roots

CJW Designs LLC

Tim plus Thom
Thanks for watching & reading!

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 Modern Multicultural Minnesotans and Afrocomopolitians.

 Modern Multicultural Minnesotans and Afrocomopolitians.

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