EP5 Secret Sauce

Hello lovely listeners,Today we talking about secret sauce !Secret Sauce could be anything based on your personal experience, business, academic success and so on.Secret Sauce = Unique visionWhat is a competitive advantage ?The condition where a person engage in a unique transformation process and has been able to distinguish its offering from those of competitors. When a person has achieved a position of competitive advantage, it is able to make above average profit. If you have a unique creation or you have a different way you complete a task, you have a competitive advantage. You secret sauce is for you and it allow you stand out. Listen to this episode for more, share, like and rate it.You can listen to me on the following platforms :Anchor.fm/minnafropolisspotify.comitunes.apple.com/us/podcast/minnafropolisbreaker.audio/minnafropoliscastbox.fm/channelGoogle PodcastPocket CastsRadiopublic Read my personal Blog Minnafropolis.comEmail : minnafropolis@gmail.comSubscribe to my Minnafropolis youtube channel


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