Bookclub Reviewing Michelle Obama Book

If you wondering what to do in the evening, you can be a member of the new Book club launched yesterday on January 17, 2018, in Minneapolis.

Emma Johnson , Book Club Owner, share a little bit about her personal journey.

I become excited when I get an invitation to attend events that create an avenue to learn something new in Minneapolis. Emma Johnson, launched her BOOKCLUB  to cater to all women of color. Membership is free to every woman in Minneapolis. An opportunity to network with other professionals in other fields.To kick start the conversation, we all introduced ourselves and professions. The conversation continued with reviewing the “Becoming Me” section of Michelle Obama book.

Feels DRY!

Some readers pointed out that they felt the beginning chapters “Becoming Me” was DRY. I pointed out that the author Michelle O. is sharing her dry experience with her readers deliberately. This is why the readers feel that dryness immediately. I strongly believe that the author wants her readers to know there is no sugarcoating in her journey.


As the conversation progressed, some readers attested that her story was relatable to their upbringing. Others pointed out the fact that it is a wake-up call for WOMEN as a whole.

How do we encourage our generation to read this book?

The highlight of these conversations was when we compared the different generations.

-The current generation ( Gen Z born between 1995-2012 & Gen Alpha born between 2013-2025) to the generation after us.

-Millennials (Gen Y /Gen Next born in 1980-1994)

-Xennials ( born in 1975-1985)

One reader discussed the fact that the current generation take things for granted. We compared it to Michelle O. story, the author pointed out in her book that they grew up in poverty. But she knew who she was and she did not let her circumstances define her!


Happy reading people. Remember it does not cost you much to invest in your FUTURE! 

There is food & drinks at the book club!If you have a question(s) about membership or you want to join, please email
Book Club Members – We had doctors, Psychologist, Business Women

You can shop Becoming by Michelle Obama at Amazon.

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  1. Thank you πŸ‘ We are changing the world. Giving other women the opportunity to connect and network through reading, 2019 is the year for women all over to unite and work together instead of against one another. Ladies, joining is FREE. To be apart of this amazing opportunity just email for more info. β™₯️


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