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Embassy of Sweden, Flight to Washington D.C


Embassy of Sweden ….. hmmm…… My first post for the New Year 2019 !!!!!

Traveling is something I wish I could do everyday ( FYI I enjoy free trips too). Boarding a Delta flight  was smooth and no headache! You should read about my Dallas trip with Spirit Airline.

Washington D.C was a very relaxing state because no hassle! I went to the Embassy of Sweden to apply for a new passport because mine expired .

If you live in Minneapolis and you are from Sweden, this post will have the information you need to apply for a new passport once yours expire.

The official site is very confusing and it took me a while to locate the passport renewal section and then successfully book an appointment.

Steps to take before going to the Embassy of Sweden in Washington or New York :

Book an appointment online

Remember to take your old Swedish passport (Sverige Pass) with you .

  • New passport fee is $165 and it can be paid with a Visa or MasterCard or Cash .
  • If you choose New York check out WestHouse Hotel. I recommend this hotel because it was so beautiful when I was there! You honestly get what you paid for like literally. FYI my stay at New York was for a different purpose, NOT to apply for a new Swedish passport .
  • If you choose Washington see the hotel details below. Capitol Skyline Hotel is 4 miles from the Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport (DCA Washinton D.C). This hotel was nice too and the breakfast was amazing . It was easy for me to move around and getting a taxi was super easy. The customer service desk will actually request a taxi on your behalf before you get downstairs.

On your appointment day

  • Be on time or else you will have to reschedule to comeback.
    Passport hours by appointment only between the hours of  2pm-4.30pm
  • They will get you fill out a form and pay the fee. (FYI I did most of my conversation in Swedish language).
  • Come looking your best ! Your hair and edges should be laid! Face beat for the embassy🤩💋. Say cheese 😁 and they will snap your photo 📸.

The Aftermath

 Your new passport will process within 2 weeks. You can request for it to be sent to the America Swedish Institute in Minneapolis. They will charge an additional fee for shipping it to your state for pick up . Or you can go back to Washington or New York to pick up in person.


After I was done at the embassy. I went to Lincoln Memorial , National Hall , White House and few place close by my hotel.

Hopefully this post help your next passport renewal process easier. Comment Below!

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