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My Hand Care Routine | Mary Kay Satin Hands Pampering Set $36


Product Review : Mary Kay Satin Hands

I am happy to be reviewing Limited-Edition†Blissful Pomegranate Satin Hands® Pampering Set retail at $36. This is a limited pampering set , so it will sell out quick.

To be honest with you I do not pamper my hands at all. I just have a soft palm and it’s natural. But I guess over time, it might change or remain the same (Amen it will remain the same).

3 Key results that you will notice after using the bliss pampering set as shown in Mary Kay site :


  • Instantly, hands feel moisturized, soft and smooth.*
  • Hands feel revitalized, soothed and protected.*
  • Skin feels renewed, looks rejuvenated and instantly looks healthier.*

Steps 1 




Mary Satin Hands

 Satin Smoothie Refining Shea Scrub


Exfoliate hands

Leave your hands feeling really  clean and purified .

It buffs away impurities without leaving hands feeling stripped

***Recommend to use this scrub twice a week . It keeps your hands smelling amazing !

You definitely get a soft palm only doing this step by itself !




Step 2 IMG_5532

Mary Kay Satin Hand

Nourishing Shea Cream

Retail for $12 

Moisturize & nourish my skin with shea butter.

Hand looks rejuvenated & relief dryness.

Smell sweet “lush scent of juicy pomegranate” all for your hands.









Step 3

Mary Kay Satin Hands

Protecting Softener

Size : 2.1 oz

My experience :

Hand looks rejuvenated & relief of dryness.

It keeps your hand soft.

Long lasting result & smooth surface.

For all my Minnesotans (women & yes men ), you know our cold weather does make our skin and hands dry . I would recommend that you use this Mary Kay hand set because it gives you a smooth palm and the price is perfect. I believe once a week is okay for people that have soft palm . But some people may need to try this twice a week before they can start seeing result. It works!!!!

Thanks to the Mary Kay Beauty Consultant for this package. They ship in Minnesota, to other states and Internationally too. I got other items that I wish in another post.

Love & treat your hands with Mary Kay Pampering Set Shop Here.

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