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30 Tips to help balance Life, Family, Work, School…

is hard ! I wish I could be a child again, then my parents could take care all  my responsibilities . The Sad news is that my wish will never come through because am an adult! If you are back to school, then you know that the  second week already feels like the world in on your shoulders. For those of us that are pursuing an academic fellowship program, there are no words to describe the work load – but see you at the finish line!
I came up with the following tips that could be helpful for myself and for all my readers . I decided to share it on this post.
30 Tips to help balance Life, Family , Work , School etc
  1. Self Importance
  2. Learn to say NO
  3. Take care of yourself
  4. Stay positive
  5. Create a weekly to do list
  6. Plan and set workable deadline
  7. Be Flexible
  8. Avoid the idea of being perfect (because no one is perfect)
  9. Sleep ( do not burn yourself out)
  10. Eat Right (I know this is difficult)
  11. Exercise as often as possible
  12. Have a hobby outside of your norm
  13. Be proactive
  14. Avoid procrastination
  15. Delegate (do this when necessary, because you cannot do it all by yourself)
  16. Break down large tasks into smaller ones whether at work or school (Outlook calendar is awesome for this part ).
  17. Keep your creativity alive
  18. Always have Joy
  19. Have a trustworthy support system
  20. It is okay to fail ( it is just a reminder to get you to work smarter not too hard)
  21. Laugh Laugh Laugh ( FYI : you automatic avoid unnecessary wrinkle from stress)
  22. Have a reliable mentor
  23. Be open minded
  24. Listen to good music
  25. Dance (just move or learn level up dance steps)
  26. Assess your time often*
  27. Be about your own business and reward yourself when you successfully complete a task.
  28. Focus on your focus !
  29. Pray and praise each day.
  30. Do not forget that you are only Human !
If you can stand in front of the mirror and declare something positive, automatically you create a hopeful  mindset to help you accomplish a lot  each day. Hopefully these tips can help someone.


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