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Food Video : Making Plantain Pepper Soup


A little history, plantain pepper is mainly found in the capital of  Calabar, Nigeria .  I actually learned this recipe from my mother (shout out to her ) and she learned it from her elder sister that went to serve as a National Youth Service Corps (NYSE) at Cross River state in Nigeria . Most of my recipe have been passed on from generation to generation now to me The Millennial Food Enthusiast.

Let’s Cook !


Ingredients :

Chopped Plantain
2 Blended Pepper (with food blender)
2 unblended pepper
Dry grounded crayfish
Crayfish Salt
1 1/2Blended onions
2 unblended onions
Knorr / Maggi
Green Beans

Directions :

  1. Chop your plantain into smaller sizes and rinse it .

  2. Blend pepper, ground your crayfish, blend 1 1/2 onions

  3. Chop your spinach into smaller sizes.

  4. Add water into a pot, pour your plantain into the pot and add everything on line 2 above.

  5. Add salt and Knorr/maggi . Leave it to cook for 15 mins-20 mins (or to what you prefer) . Note: Plantain cooks really quick. Also always taste the food as you add each ingredient .

  6. In a separate pan/pot : add the fish, add 1/2 chopped onions and pepper. Add 1/2 tsp of salt (FYI add to your taste ), curry, Maggi/Knorr and taste to make sure it take good.

  7. Cook the fish for 5 mins (or 10 mins your preference).

  8. In a  fuel paper, place you fish, add 1/2 salt , 1/2 cube of knorr/maggi, curry and wrap the fuel place.

  9. Place the fish in the oven for 20 minute or more at a temperate of 350 degree Fahrenheit ( 180 degree celsius) .

  10. Back to the pepper soup : add green beans once it is soft enough to your taste. Leave to cook a little for 5 mins .

  11. Dish out your food .

Now Let’s eat !

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