Wearing “Iro and Buba ” for summer

Fashion will always put a smile on any individual face no matter their age or root. I shared these thoughts with LookVine  when I was interviewed about the “meaning of fashion” to me.

Minneapolis (aka Hotpolis as I call it) is very hot now! The best way to enjoy this sun is to look your very best. Let me introduce you to Iro and Buba famously worn in Nigeria.

There is something about Iro and Buba that I love! As side from feeling like a Madame and appreciating growth; it gives you a distinctive and elegant look. Fashion brands have already provided some trendsetter two-piece sets for summer. However, millennial African designers are changing the way they create a two-piece set like Iro and Buba that are for sure changing the way we dress in the western culture and appreciating our roots. The pairing I feature in today’s blog post is in one of my favorite color- B L A C K.


I play too much 🙂  Life is too short ! Dress your best. Make heads turn!


This Iro and Buba from isokenenofe.com is made out of Italian Net lace that is very breathable and comfortable for the skin. Embroidered with rosebud and graduated gold pearls from the round neck blouse to the fit to size wrapper.

Pink and Blue Brushstrokes Storage Label-3

Aisha Iro and Buba by Isokenenofe


Black Handmade Bamboo Half Round Bag by HopicPrintz



Pink and Blue Brushstrokes Storage Label-4

Omoge Signature Bib Iro and Buba (Serra)


Bibire off shoulder wrap set
Kali Buba and Iro set












To give this look an extra “All eyes on me moment” I paired it up with this beautiful Black bamboo bag. It automatically gives you the summer vibe. The best part is that it is easy to grip at the handle and very lightweight to easily carry around.


My open toe heel is from Lolashoetique.com. But it sold out :(





Ceramics Store Etsy Banner-2



Author: minnafropolis

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