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Do you know what matching sets to shop online ? Checkout faves from

Women ChitChatting about Fashion! 

Discussion about fashion, wearing a matching set from
Last week Tuesday, I had a discussion with Ndelwa about fashion!


We decided to take some pictures while walking down the street. It was a raining day but we made it work . We talked about our different styles and inspirations. To me fashion is definitely a therapeutic discussion to have with anyoneYou can agree with me that , whatever we are passionate about would come out successful.  Check out her site .

Matching sets Faves

Since my gym life is gradually getting better, I have become a fan of matching sets. I am always online looking for something new and unique. I do not like popular items that almost feel like a uniform. I like matching sets especially the ones that comes with pants that fit right and raise eyebrows when I wear them. Below are my picks from

Matching Sets that I love



Wearing a Line By Line Pant Set from fashion nova.
Love Tree Denim Jacket










  • Liz

    Your outfits are amazing. Hope to see more posts. Thanks

    • minnafropolis

      Thanks we are working on it.

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