Recap : Nightingale Food & Cocktails

On Sunday was my friend –Kholiwe aka now my sister from another mother birthday. I have known her for six years now . I know she would not be expecting me to put her busy on my blog but girl I promise not to share your age. Lol!

Kholiwe celebrated her day at Nightingale and that was the same day for pride celebration.  Outside was packed with a lot of people, loud music playing and I had to park very far from the restaurant . So imagine walking in six inches heels, mehn seven minutes walk according to my GPS felt like twenty minutes. It was sunny so I could not complain. Hotpolis need to stay for real!

It was my first time at this restaurant, and the customer service was excellent.



I ate Corned Beef Hash

Yams & Potatoes


Caramelized Onions

Poached Eggs (removed it after taking the pic)

It is no secret I like anything made out of yam. Although there was not enough yam and it did not taste like yam I usually eat. I asked one of the servers to show me the yams and the potatoes because everything looked the same. The portion of food was tiny. Shade !

Look at my plate; it looks healthy.  I will recommend you order two dishes if you want a proper meal. Overall, my food tasted good compared to my friends. Also, I noticed that some of the friends had difficulty the with the menu. They enjoyed their Mimosa, but not everyone was okay with the food.

It’s a beautiful restaurant in MN to take friends and family too.


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