Modern Feminist : The Future is Female !

Growing up, I always questioned everything especially odd practices that were not favorable towards women. Well everyone did not like me for that because in most Africa cultures/communities (Or including most African homes abroad) women are taught to stay mute.  Till this day! Last year I asked my parents about my roots because I wanted to know more about my ancestors.  Let us just say it was concise and brief. But I wanted more information. Then I wondered about the behavior of our foremothers and what they did during their times. I learned that my grandmother was a “warrior”; she stood for the truth and injustices her community. Although because she did not behave like everyone, she was labeled as a #troublemaker because she believed that women should be allowed to speak up freely.

The Future is Female

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Today, Modern Feminists have created opportunities for women rights and breaking the barriers of viewing us as frail.   The organization #Metoo have brought to light issues that women face in sexual assault and harassment.

Here are some of the benefits: Why we should all be feminists

  1. Spiritual connection regarding “sisterhood” globally for women right.
  2. Feminists bring light to sensitive topics like sexuality, women bodies, assaults,  providing platforms for women to be heard etc.
  3. Creating a balance in homes whereby most workplaces now provide father leaves. This way women and men can spend equal time with their children. Compared to the old times when mothers were solely on maternal leave from their jobs.
  4. Promote equality in the relationship. Studies have shown that men appreciate feminist women more because such women create stability at home and greater sexual satisfaction especially in marriages.

Use this summer to read “We Should All Be Feminists” by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie.

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