The Light in Singleness

This Bonnet Talk was inspired by the women around me and their experiences. I thank you all for sharing your experiences with me .

Let dive right in

Singleness is something that is not appreciated in our society today. The pressure from social media and parents make it more challenging to value ourselves. I had an encounter with a dear friend that has been married several times. And now she about to embark on a new celebration with her “new spouse” this summer.  Even though, I tried to explain to her why she needs time to get herself WHOLE again. She has a firm belief that a man would get her to her destiny. Honestly every time she says that she gets the same results and start a new relationship that leads to a rushed marriage. Most women are repeating this cycle that has to lead to an increasing rate of BROKENNESS in our society today!

So, I ask: When was the last time, you took care of you?

I speak to women that pursue relationships with the belief that they will meet with destiny. How can you be fulfilled, if you are not whole?

Singleness is a critical point in our lives where you able understand the three-dimensional process of loving God- > You-> You Neighbor! It takes a lot of work.

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