New Lingerie Line for Plus Size Women in Nigeria, Africa!

Sablier Lingerie & Shapewear was officially launched in Nigeria by media personality -Tolu Oniru-Demuren – she is popularly known as Toolz.


“I want ladies, irrespective of their size or body types, to be confident

and love themselves” on #BNaija, Toolz !


A lot of women will benefit from this collection. All women should be included in lingerie or shape wear no matter their body type. It took Toolz great courage to fill in this gap to fulfill the needs of plus size women in Nigeria. This is a great way to celebrate mother’s day week.

Big fan of supporting women in business . If you are going on a summer holiday to Nigeria , babe (Mummies, Sisters,Aunties) buy her market Sablier Lingerie & Shapewear .

Instagram : Sablier Lingerie & Shapewear  
Website : Shop Sablier

Author: minnafropolis

My name is Hope James and I am the owner of Minnafropolis blog. I am a Creative Influencer based in Minneapolis. I am the founder and owner of Black Bloggers & Creatives. Join the tribe by subscribing to this blog site, subscribe to Minnafropolis YouTube channel and follow me on Instagram @minnafropolis.

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