Testimonies are evidence of God existence.  I enjoyed reading this particular one I thought to share it .

By Evang. Taiwo, G. O. –Winners Chapel, Canada

I suffered from depression and sleepless nights for 24 years.

I have been to the hospital all these years without solution.

I never slept normally. I was placed on heavy sedatives, before
I could sleep. I saw this as not being normal! That was how I
joined this Commission in September last year, because of
these health challenges.
During the one of the Sunday services in October last year, the
Bishop gave us a prophetic mantle and instructed us to tie it
wherever we had any challenge.
Meanwhile, I had a lump on my body, so, I first applied the
mantle there. After 15 minutes, I placed the mantle on my
head. Since then, I have been sleeping like a baby! God has
healed me completely!

Written by minnafropolis

 Modern Multicultural Minnesotans and Afrocomopolitians.