FulbeKloset Weblaunch

On October 5th 2017,  Fulbekloset website was launched here in Minneapolis. The event took place at the Minnetonka Club House. I was fortunate to get invited for the private viewing of Fulbeklost web launch and it was also the CEO birthday.  The website is very easy to navigate and the pictures are amazing.  The goal is to merge Ankara with western fashion to provide a luxury style. 

AISHA UMAR, Founder and CEO



Fashion Magazine Cover (2)
The Team here in Minneapolis

Our mission is to give our customers the buying power, while creating a unique platform for African luxury items





Click here to check out the website at fulbekloset.com

 Modern Multicultural Minnesotans and Afrocomopolitians.

Author: minnafropolis

 Modern Multicultural Minnesotans and Afrocomopolitians.

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  1. Nice post
    Nice to know
    Ankara style and luxury together : Awesome !!!!!!!!
    The fashion industry need sth different for sure.

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