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Fenty Beauty vs. The World

Fenty Beauty, Match your Skin Tone and The Beauty Inclusion of 40 Shades!

A multicultural approach to beauty line is to provide products that cater to a vast majority of different skin tones. There is no denying that women around the world have been going crazy about Fenty Beauty. It is tough to ignore that other beauty brands are scrambling now. Rihanna is known for her fashion and beauty look with outstanding success in the industry.

Fenty Beauty was created for everyone: for women of all shades , personalities, attitudes, culture, and races. I wanted everyone to feel included , that’s the real reason I made this line.” -Rihanna

I have never heard since I started wearing makeup – from back in the days of Mary Kay till Mac Cosmetics, Cover girl, Iman Cosmetic and now Fenty Beauty –  that in less than a month a beauty line sold out worldwide. When I went to Sephora it was a zoo the first day and I had to come home because the line was ridiculous. 


Riverdale Sephora , Coon Rapids MN. Shelf was empty by the time I left ! Cleared !!!

Pink White Simple Women's Fashion Instagram Post

I received my Trophy Wife Killawatt highlighter and could not stop dancing. I did a swatch on my wrist. Everyone want to be a Trophy wife ! Yasssss!!!!


Some of my Fenty Beauty arrived but my foundation is not available yet. A lot items were sold out!

The most talked about “PRO FILT’R Soft Matte Longwear foundation” is meeting a lot of women expectations. So , I decided to do the work for all MN women, scroll down and watch vloggers from different part of the world “slay” fenty beauty.

It was like watching a beauty-buster movie in different shades. Enjoy!

Shade 420 and 410 with Jackie Aina

“White business get funded based on potentials, but black businesses get funded based on proof!”

Shade 330 with ItsMyRayeRaye 

Shade 450 with Patricia Bright

Shade 450 with Lovette’s House of Style


Shade 130 AND 110 with NikkieTutorials

Shade 380 AND 390 with Latoya Forever

Shade 370 and 410 with Alissa Ashley


Shade 490 with Nikki Perkins


Shade with 390 and 360 NitraaB


The shelves are cleared out!!!!








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  • Betty

    Everyone and the dog is excited about this Foundation but I want to try trophy wife looks a beautiful colour

    • minnafropolis

      Its a beautiful highlight!

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