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Meet “Vanessa Ekeke ” Ex-Miss Commonwealth


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Miss Nigeria International is a USA based Beauty Pageant that aims to empower young Nigerian women beyond beauty. (2)

Miss Nigeria International is a USA based Beauty Pageant that aims to empower young Nigerian women beyond beauty.

Vanessa is hosting Miss Nigeria International (MNI) 2018 to help women understand the importance of education, making use of their creativity and becoming  solid entrepreneurs.

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“I have learned that there are a lot of misconception about women that pursue their dreams to become beauty queens.”

Critics focus on :

  • Body size : The normal expectation of the industry  focuses on a certain body type and height. MNI 2018 is here to encourage ladies to go beyond their beautiful  faces or bodies.  This is why she made it a  priority to have a physical trainer during the week of MNI beauty pageant to help each girl maintain a healthy body size.


  • Beauty Manners :She emphasized  that every woman should behave as a queen in their every day life. Let’s imagine, Queen Elizabeth fighting on the street or we hear her using obscene words in public. I do not think anyone will give her the respect that she deserve worldwide. This is the same way women should behave no matter the circumstances. Try to protect your image in public and control the words that come out of your mouth. Especially in social media , it breaks my heart to see how some ladies portray themselves online. This images are going to be online forever and that can be detrimental to their future. I am not saying I am perfect but I want women to learn from our mistakes and have a better tomorrow.


  • Build a solid future : I’m happy to see the “Melanin popping ” trend  started.  I believe is a great way to accept women especially our Black/African women that are interested in the beauty Industry. A friend once asked me “Is beauty pageant still a thing ? ” and I replied yes ! It will always be a thing. Because as the future unveils it self, we are getting women from all works of life that are investing great resources to improve the beauty pageant lifestyle- for both contestant and winners of any platform.

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The world is looking for women that are educated and digital savvy because this is the future. Women are not only going to shatter the glass ceilings but take over the world to a greater height! Women are known to be nurturing by nature, so we will nurture the world to a more unified universe. Our Heavenly Father loves family, so lets treats ourselves as one family!

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