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Investing in good hair

Shakopee, MN

I have a new hair crush from Dhair Boutique. My phone is probably angry with me because I keep checking their site .

Cambodian Straight hair by Dhair Boutique, some of my friend have told to me” how good of a hair it is and it’s worth every penny”. Believe it or not, hair is a ritual that most of us have to maintain.

I hate shedding weave especially from hairs that claim to be 100%!!!

Quality hair is hard to find nowadays, I spend a lot of time at 7miles – located in Brooklyn park MN- looking for good hair . Buying of weaves/extensions is a huge investment whether you sew-in or make it into wigs.



FYI because a celebrity is posing with a product does not make it a great product.

Honestly, am a bit hesitant  this time because I have tried a lot of expensive hairs and I have had  bad experiences.

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But Angela Simmons is pushing Dhair Boutique on Instagram  and I trust her. I do not think she would push anything that is not good. She has been in the fashion industry for to long and she has a reputable background .

I have read some of the reviews posted on their site and everyone seem to be happy with it.

For ladies that do a lot of sew ins, they will agree with me that good hair equal good investment. The Cambodian straight hair seem like it has good texture and probably does not shred like other expensive hairs do. The cost ranges from $100-$160 per bundles.

I am planning to buy a 12″,14″ & 16″ and I will let you guys know how it feels like in another post.



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