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My Visit to U of M Twin Cities


Last week Saturday, my friend invited me to the Annual Unity Dinner at the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities.It was hosted by the Black Student Union and it was not only Black students in the room.

Although I was a bit late, I had to rush from work down to the University of Minnesota Twin Cities Campus.

Cementing our greatness as Black


VIP Guest

Rhema Dapaah

Dua Saleh

Chanda Smith Baker

Imani Waters

Pete Rhodes


Round table setting with different Individuals

The dinner was a unique occasion that focused on discussing real issues that are ongoing in the world today.

Art is a voice for change!

The four questions asked:

  1. What is Black/African American culture in United States, and to what extend can people have access to that culture?
  1. How do we deal with Black student isolation on campus, and is there a way we can support admissions?

Round table discussion for each question

3. How do we dismantle police brutality and violence against our (Black) community?

4. What can our community (UMN) do to make an impact, and what would you like to see from your peers and administrators?


One way of been great , is surrounding yourself with people that are great.

Some suggestions that were brought up on the topic of police brutality.  First, it was discussed that improving this infrastructure can be done by providing education.  This means informing black individuals on how to guide themselves with optimism and shattering the stereotype in Black culture.

Another good point was removing the pipeline of imprisonment and improving the cultural change in the police system.

Watch full video to see Imani Waters Performance

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