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Meet Jammie “The Hookah Business Woman”

Organic and Healthy Hookah

Entrepreneurship comes in different forms and passion. I met with Jammie to learn more about her Hookah business and I was fortunate to have learned a lot about hookah.


Jammie and the Owner of  Addis Ababa Ethiopian Restaurant



She offers different product flavors, sells hookah kits and caters for both small and large event here in Minnesota. Get a free sample shisha  and charcoal lighter when you buy a hookah kit. Buying the kit price start from $30.00 & up !

Booking Price start from $100.00 & up!

Q & A:

What makes your product organic?

Jammie: The raw tobacco leaves is what make my hookah organic .

What are the benefits of hookah?

Jammie: First, it does not impair my customer compared to tobacco. The buzz from a hookah session last a short time. However, it is important that the smoker ask question of the kind of flavor before beginning a session. Hookah is a social instrument for relaxing and entertaining.

What advice do you have for hookah users?

Jammie: I would like to advice to use clean equipment before starting a session. Also, inform my customer about different flavors and hookah does not fail a drug test.

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